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About the Sierra Maestra National Park

The Granma provinces offers an alluring natural sanctuary that still echoes with the gunshots of Castro’s guerrilla campaign of the late 1950s. Situated 49 km South of Yara (small town with a big history located between Bayamo and Manzanillo) up a very steep 24 km concrete road from Bartolomé Masó, this precipitous and untamed region […]

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Granma Cuba Tourism highlights

The Granma province has two expansive national parks, GRAN PARQUE NACIONAL SIERRA MAESTRA (sometimes called the National Park of Turquino) and PARQUE NACIONAL DESEMBARCO DEL GRANMA (National Park Landing of Granma yacht). Celia Sánchez Manduley, called “the flower of the Revolution” was born in Media Luna, Granma. In La Plata, located in the Turquino National […]

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Carlos Manuel de Cespedes

Granma was the birthplace of Cuban hero Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Cespedes is considered by all Cubans as the Father of the Homeland, primarily because of his role in the country’s fight for independence. Granma is also the site where Fidel Castro and his rebel soldiers famously disembarked from their yacht, the Granma, in 1956. […]

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