Visit Bayamo City in Granma Province

Bayamo Cuba

It is the second village founded by Diego Velázquez in 1513 and, during the course of the history, turned into the center for conspiracy and rebellion. Carlos Manuel de Cespedes was born in this City (there is national monument honoring him). It’s the capital of the fertile, even and mountainous province of Granma to the southwestern of the former Western Province. Bayamo is also known as the cradle of the Cuban nationality due to its tradition and history. Great landmarks in Cuban history took place here:

Bayamo Granma

It was proclaimed capital of the newborn Republic at Arms on October 20, 1868, when Cubans first fought against the colonial Ruling; Here in-between warmth and fire was composed and sang the Cuban National Anthem; On January 12, 1869 its inhabitants decided to set it on fire before surrendering it to the arriving Spaniard troops. Bayamo is therefore the homeland of great national heroes, such as (the father of our mother country) Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, initiator of the first war for independence on October 10th, 1868 and first Cuban who released his slaves on his own farm La Demajagua, recently declared Historic Monument out of its human, cultural and historic values

Bayamo offers to the tourism Industry a lot of unique history and culture, confirming once again that Cuba is much more than Sun and Beaches. It is also History, Traditions and Culture that combine in an excellent mixture of attractions that the visitors to Cuban are searching.